Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayers from the Rollercoaster

Sermon tease for tomorrow:
How is praying with faith like buckling oneself in for a roller coaster ride?

Personal Observation not found in sermon: I generally only like rollercoasters found on the mild end of the spectrum. One exception is I'll ride almost any rollercoaster in the dark. You see, what I don't like about rollercoasters is that awful anticipation of going up and up - the big fall is coming sometime. If the rollercoaster is in the dark, I can't see what's coming and I just enjoy the ride - for the most part.

Knowing this about myself, it's not surprising that I struggle with dread in my daily life. I often waste much more time and energy dreading a task or event than actually doing it. It's something I've worked on for years. If my faith analogy works, I'm going to have to buckle up, hold on, and just go for it, knowing God is with me. Nike made a lot of money with "Just do it." For me there's lots of wisdom there.

What are the rollercoaster challenges in your life?