Thursday, August 19, 2010


I preached last Sunday about "right worship" being much more of a function of our expectations for meeting God and the condition of our hearts than about what style of music is played and which liturgy is read.

Today, my meditation time was peppered with interuptions by my mental "To Do List." As I pondered the readings for the day, and struggled to stay with them, I asked myself, "Self, do you expect to meet God in the midst of all those "to do's" today?"

The truth is I was in grave danger of letting all the "to do's" swallow me up and keep me from seeing God in the world around me, in the people I meet, and in the tasks I do.

Forgive me Lord, for getting swallowed up in tasks and failing to notice you. Raise my awareness Lord. Help me see you, hear you, and feel your presence today. Slow me down Lord, my breathing, my thinking, my being that I may not miss the miracle of your presence today. Amen.

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