Friday, April 8, 2011

Love is Blind - Thank Goodness

A friend's facebook post about a loving act from her husband started my train of thought down the track. It may take some detours, but here we go.

All of us have been in or have watched someone in a relationship where we were blinded by love and couldn't see the flaws that seem so obvious to everyone else. Now, it's never healthy to turn a blind eye to harmful habits or abusive behavior, but there is a sense in which I am grateful that sometimes love is blind.

I am grateful that God sees past my flaws and shortcomings, to all that I am created to be.

I am grateful that my husband looks past so many things and keeps on being my partner in life and love.

I am grateful that my congregation watches me muddle through my first year as a pastor, overlooking my mistakes and inexperience.

In response to my "Love is blind" comment on my friend's facebook page, someone posted, "Love is gentle, love is kind." Perhaps Paul should have included, "Love is blind." in his description of the kind of love God calls us to in I Corinthians 13.

So today, I'm asking myself, "Where am I called to lovingly look past an unintentional slight or hurt, or some imperfection so that I can offer love to someone?"

How about you?

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