Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From the Seed

This blog is written by Pastor Liz giving her a place to share some of her insights related to living a Christian life. Hopefully you will share your insights in the comments. Some posts will be related to sermons past or future. Others may record something I learned or felt during the week. When I'm short of material, I'll probably go with "Stump the Pastor." The kids in Sunday School gave me a list of great questions they had about God, the Bible, and Christian beliefs. I'll save those and post an answer or two when I need something to write about.

When I was considering a name for this blog, there were several suggestions. I chose Acorns from the Grove because like acorns, some of these posts may grow into something bigger. Others will simply lay on the ground and do nothing.

I look forward to our explorations of Christian Life together.

So here's our first discussion topic: Last Sunday, I preached on incarnation and the blind man who felt the hands of God on his face when Jesus healed him. Who else in the Bible was literally touched by God in their interactions with Jesus. How did that experience change their lives?

One I hadn't thought about is John the Baptist who baptized Jesus. This marked the beginning of Jesus' public ministry and the fulfillment of John the Baptist's ministry.

Let me hear from you.

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