Friday, December 10, 2010

Church Gratitudes

This week I have been thankful for all the people who keep the ministries of Oak Grove running smoothly: for those who care for and teach our children, for our awesome youth director, for our talented music director and those he directs, for our trustees and everyone else who keeps our building in good shape, for those who lead adult Sunday school, for those who handle our finances, for those who welcome, for those who help with a million clerical and communication details, for those who prepare for worship each week, for those who offer comfort and hospitality though gifts of food, for those who organize and carry out our missions, and many more I've failed to list.

The list above seems pretty generic, but each category represents real people who give of themselves and through whom I am blessed each week. I love all of you and I'm so glad God has put me in the midst of you.

Have a blessed week and I'll see you Sunday!
Pastor Liz

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