Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gratitude: Prayer Waves

This week. I am grateful for social networks on the internet. This week I have prayed for people I don't know but I know about through blogs and facebook. I have prayed for people in life's deepest sorrow during this time of year we insist should be sugar coated and joyful. I have prayed God's peace on each situation and each person involved. I have prayed for others who wait in ICU's and hear sad news that I don't even know about.

I wonder how much the "prayer traffic" has increased over the last few years since we began sharing prayer requests in ways other than printed newsletters and phone trees? My gratitude for these technological developments is not simply that God hears more prayers these days or people feel more prayed for. It goes beyond that.

I am grateful because the reminder to pray without ceasing comes via email and on facebook throughout my day. My prayer life is being changed. I am being changed. My relationship with God is being changed as I examine whether these long distance prayers are prayed in faith that God is indeed present everywhere and will respond to our prayers. So, this week I am grateful for the interwebs and the equipment that allows me to connect with others around the world and with God.

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